Author: Chris

ConEmu Tiling

I’m constantly on the command line for Git, PowerShell, NodeJs, SSH, etc. I’ve been using ConEmu for a while to consolidate all my terminals into a single window with tabs, which is great. However, sometimes you want to see multiple terminals at the same time. ConEmu has a great feature for that. One thing, I am constantly doing is using a bash shell for ssh and copying information from a PowerShell session.


To get your setup in a similar fashion, add a Startup Task in ConEmu and specify the following commands:

powershell -new_console:d:C:\Git
bash -new_console:sH
powershell -new_console:d:C:\Git -new_console:sV



Recent Issues in Google Chrome

I use Google Chrome on 4 machines daily: my personal desktop (Win10), my personal laptop (MacOS), my work laptop (Win10), and a work VM (Win10). On all but my personal desktop, I experienced different display issues in Chrome in the past week:

  1. Black borders on the left, bottom, and right sides.
  2. Missing tabs.

Searching the Internet suggests disabling extensions, but the problem must be related to border styles. The easy solution is changing the theme in Chrome.

For the missing tabs, it comes down to a drawing issue. Disabling hardware acceleration resolves that issue.

The world is peaceful now and I can work.